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Customers increasingly get the independence from the electricity grid and instead they produce their own energy for self-consumption in their homes or businesses.

Being able to produce, manage and consume the energy generated by renewable sources (photovoltaic, wind, or mixed) in a simple and cost-effective manner in housing, tertiary and industrial sectors, is already a reality within everyone's reach.

We conduct the study of each installation, their consumption over a representative time period, and then we offer to the customer an adapted solution to his/her needs.

We install photovoltaic and mixed (combination of photovoltaic and wind technology) facilities for self-consumption, whether these are isolated or connected to the electricity grid, with or without energy storage in batteries for consumption at night-time or when radiation is minimal.

We also offer our monitoring system and our Control Centre for surveillance and monitoring customer premises.

We have installed facilities for industrial consumption, for teaching purposes (University of León), for self-consumption in homes and other facilities such as self-consumption installation for a noise measuring station in Barajas Airport.

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